Mesaba Energy Project Print Page

Mesaba Energy Project Description

Mesaba Energy Project Unit I Site Information:

  • Location:  Preferred site on Western Iron Range near Taconite, MN; alternative site on Eastern Iron Range near Hoyt Lakes, MN
  • Site:  1260 acres of industrial land
  • Main Sources of Cooling Water:  Canisteo and Hill Annex mine pits
  • Railroad Service:  Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and Canadian National

Technical Aspects of Mesaba Unit I:

  • IGCC Plant with an initial capacity of 602MW (Net)
  • Fuel-flexible design accommodates 100% Powder River Basin coal, eastern coal blend, or a coal-petcoke blend
  • Commercial, multi-train application of ConocoPhillips E-Gas technology
  • Expansion opportunities to meet need of new base load capacity
  • Two E-Gas gasification trains with spare train to improve availability and reliability
  • Over 1600 improvements to Wabash River IGCC identified in DOE study are incorporated into design
  • Two heat recovery steam generators
  • Two (50%) air separation units
  • Groundbreaking Minnesota enabling legislation to remove barriers to IGCC market penetration