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Project Description

The Mesaba Energy Project is a leading example of the next generation of power generation facilities.

Excelsior Energy will license, construct, own and operate the Mesaba Energy Project, an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) electric power generating station.  Mesaba will revitalize coal's true potential for meeting the need for base load power generation while protecting the environment, putting Minnesotans to work, reducing pressure on scarce natural gas resources, improving trade balances, and minimizing dependence on energy imports using a secure, abundant domestic natural resource.

Unit 1 and Unit 2
Qualities of The Mesaba Energy Project:
  • Cleaner than existing coal plants
  • More stable in price than natural gas-fired plants
  • More reliable than wind
  • Uses an abundant domestic natural resource
  • Will significantly outperform the efficiency and emissions profile of existing coal-fired power plants
  • Mesaba will be located in northern Minnesota

The Project promises to accelerate nation-wide deployment of advanced clean coal projects to help the industry meet the Department of Energy's aggressive goals for coal-fueled power generation.